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Geothermal & Renewable Energy


Geothermal & Renewable Energy


GSA offers Geothermal Studies that includes a detailed study of the subsurface in search of viable active geothermal regions with the goal of building a geothermal power plant, where hot fluids drive turbines to create electricity. Exploration methods include a broad range of disciplines including Geology, Geophysics, Geochemistry and Engineering. Geophysical exploration of geothermal resources deals with measurements on the physical properties of the earth. The emphasis is mainly on parameters that are sensitive to temperature and fluid content of the rocks, or on parameters that may reveal structures that influence the properties of the geothermal system. Geophysical Methods

Used in Exploring Geothermal Reservoirs:

  • Electrical Methods (DC Measurements, TEM Measurements, MT Measurements)
  • Magnetic Measurements
  • Gravity Measurements
  • Seismic Methods
  • Combining Geophysical Methods

Renewable Energy

GSA offers assessment, verification, testing and support services throughout the entire life of your Renewable Energy (Solar & Wind) Projects, from the design phase to integration, installation and set-up.

The Renewable Energy (Solar and Wind) Site Assessment Tool aim is to guide builders in assessing whether a new infrastructure has the proper physical orientation to support a future installation of a renewable energy system. This tool evaluates the proposed site's solar and /or wind resource potential based on a series of known factors about the infrastructure at the time of construction, such as the location and anticipated shading effects, enough wind speed to rotate the blades of turbine at the proposed site.

Geothermal & Renewable Energy

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