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About us

About us

Serving middle east

Geo Serve Arabia

Geo Serve Arabia provides a complete range of specialized services, which include advanced geophysical and geological studies, as well as special geo-studies and surveying.

Geo Serve Arabia is a new emerging Geo-Science Services firm that provide innovative services for various geosciences applications and immediate solutions to geological and geotechnical engineering problems.

Our highly qualified staff works on all phases of any project applying strict quality control procedures and following ASTM guidelines. We take the time to acquire accurate data and report the results in a useful format for our clients. Geo Serve Arabia covers a wide range of applications where our services can be utilized, these include:

  • Geo-Hazard Studies (Geological & Environmental)
  • Applied Geophysical & Geotechnical Services
  • Geothermal & Renewable Energy Solutions
  • Drilling & Field Logistic Services



  • 14 Al Yarmouk St. - Mushrifah Dist.
    Jeddah 21424 Saudi Arabia
  • P. O. Box: 14228,
    Jeddah 21424 Saudi Arabia.
  • +966 12 667 2030
  • +966 12 654 7175
  • +966 53 600 5377

We aim

Geo Serve Arabia aims to offer a high quality service to its clients, whilst promoting the wider use of Geo-Science in existing and innovative Geo-investigation applications. The new technology allows Geophysical & Geotechnical methods to cover different important fields like:

  • Geo-hazard Assessment
  • Geothermal Reservoir Modeling
  • Civil Engineering Investigations
  • Environmental Investigations
  • Hydrogeological Investigations
  • Archeological Investigations
  • Forensic Investigations.

Core team